Featured presentation from Steve Jebson, explaining what business doctors do and how they benefit businesses.

Steve Jebson Feature Presentation

1. Steve Jebson Feature Presentation BNI SUTTON

2. Steve Jebson – who am I? Proudly from Chapeltown, Sheffield, and definitely a blade! I have worked for some of the biggest names in retail & hospitality. UK & Hong Kong. I now work with clients in many industries – from £0 to £m’s E Commerce Brand & Business Creation Scale & Growth Plans & Implementation Sales & Marketing plans & Implementation Financial business planning Pricing reviews & implementation Plan to sell This is why I stopped working away from home 4 nights per week & why I love to help my clients. Grow your business, make more profit, love what you do.

3. Q: What does a Business Doctor Do? A : Listens to the business owner to understand their vision, and what they are trying to achieve. Works with the business owner to ‘think strategically’ and recommend an approach to achieve these objectives as well work with business owners to keep the plan ‘on track’. “Work on your business, not in your business”

4. How do I help? Review Current Business Strategy & Performance Vision, Mission, Values, Purpose & Value Proposition Why do you do what you do? What do you want from your business? Clarify the Vision Confirm Objectives & Targets Financial & Non Financial Identify/ confirm Opportunities & Challenges Customers Suppliers Competition Market Set the right goals Track Performance Adjust Plans Support Implementation Develop & Agree Practical Action Plans, Milestones & Targets Team Marketing Finance Sales Profit Improvement Plan Leadership & Personal Development Stick to the plan

5. How I help clients….my ’referral hot buttons’ Don’t know which direction to take Just surviving, every day Not making enough profit Clear vision but need help to make it happen Want to start a business but don’t know how Want to share their ideas & plans Carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders Help to sell their business Reposition their business to succeed in the future

6. Success is never straight forward…. Top Tips Be strategic at least some of the time – stop just ‘doing’ Don’t give up on your vision Be flexible & adaptable Build a brand – not just a business  Have clear measures & targets  Know your customers – especially the VIP’s…. Build a support partner referral network (BNI!)

7. Thank You Any Questions?

E: steve.jebson@businessdoctors.co.uk

M: 07889269573

W: www.businessdoctors.co.uk/business_doctors/steve-jebson/