Education Slot (Ed slot) – BNI Sutton

Each BNI Sutton meeting we have a 5-minute presentation from one of our members on helping each other in business. These are known as the Educational (or Ed) Slot.

BNI also provides a wealth of support with their own podcasts. Below is the BNI Founder Dr Ivan Misner sharing some information on one of BNI’s founding principle of Givers gain.

If you would like to see what all the fuss is about and to benefit from a team of almost 40 other business owners looking for business for you the drop us a line.


How and why do you apply BNI’s “Givers Gain” philosophy to business? Dr. Misner shares answers from his book Infinite Giving.

Why We Give

  1. We give because we understand that in our community, what we do, others will do, and we will all benefit, particularly in a BNI group.
  2. We give because we know that in the same situation, others would do the same for us.
  3. We give because we want to give back where we have profited before.
  4. We give because when we work together, we get bigger and better results than working on our own, and we’ve really seen that in BNI.
  5. We give because we enjoy it.

How to Give

  1. Give a referral opportunity between two other businesses you know – maybe a supplier of yours and a client of yours.
  2. Give mentoring to a business that needs your expertise.
  3. Give your knowledge to local business groups.
  4. Give to local education and youth community groups.
  5. Give to elders in the community.

Practice Givers Gain in a way that’s right for your business. Once you make a commitment to using the power of this philosophy, it will fuel your business, and success will follow.