Education Slot (Ed Slot) – BNI Sutton

Each BNI Sutton meeting we have a 5-minute presentation from one of our members on helping each other in business. These are known as the Educational (or Ed) Slot.

BNI also provides a wealth of support with their own podcasts. Below is the BNI Founder Dr Ivan Misner answering the question “Can a person network too much within the BNI framework?”.

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“Can a person network too much within the BNI framework?”

The short answer to this question is yes. But it depends on whether you are networking wide or networking deep. It’s possible to network too widely and not deeply enough. A story about someone known as “The Queen of Networking” illustrates this.

People called this woman “The Queen of Networking” because they saw her at every event and she always talked to every single person there. When she met Dr. Misner at one of these events, she told him that she went to 8-10 networking events every week but wasn’t getting any business.

The problem was that she was focusing too hard on the Visibility part of the VCP process, and spreading herself too thin. What she needed to do establish Credibility by making deeper connections with people she had already met. Only then would she be able to get to Profitability.

If you are networking too widely, do more one-to-ones and GAINS Exchange. But even then, you want to pace yourself. If you’re spending more than 8 hours a week on networking, you might be at risk of networking burnout.