The Benefits of Subbing

Subbing at BNI Sutton

We all know that if we are unable to attend a Sutton BNI meeting that we are required to send a ‘substitute’. But have you thought of the benefits of being a ‘sub’ yourself?

Your BNI Sutton membership does not limit you to just attending your own group, but you can also visit any other Group (unless your category is ‘locked out’), so why not put yourself forward as a ‘sub’?

BNI Surrey has may groups to sub at

There are many members of Sutton BNI who openly admit to obtaining work or referrals from other groups – some say this accounts for over 25% of their BNI business!

You never know but the person you sub for may well be able to return the favour for you when you need a sub too.

Look at other Groups in the area you work in (BNI Connect will help with this) and check to see if your seat is ‘open’, then contact the President of that Group and ask to be put on the ‘subs’ list.

Believe me, they will welcome this as its the Group Presidents who always get contacted by members looking for subs!!

Just one word of warning – do not become a ‘super sub’, i.e. try and limit your visits to other groups to a max of one or two times a month.

Happy Subbing!